How to play online e-sports

There are many ways to play online e-sports, the following are some common ways to play e-sports events:

Single Match Betting: This is the most common form of betting, and you can select pre-match betting options on a single esports match. For example, you can bet that a certain team will win, or that a certain player will win a certain game.

Pick’em game: This type of play usually requires you to predict multiple outcomes in an esports match, such as score, best player, etc. If your prediction is correct, you can win a prize.

Multi-match betting: This play is a combination of betting on multiple esports matches, usually requiring at least two match bets. If all match predictions are correct, a prize can be won.

Live betting: Live betting refers to a way in which bets can be placed while a game is in progress. You can place bets during the game, such as predicting which team will win at a certain stage or which player will win at a certain time.

Instant Kill Game: This game requires you to guess within a specified time, for example, whether a certain team will win within 10 minutes. If your guess is correct, you can win a prize.

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