Online Fishing Betting Tips

Online fishing is a very popular online game, here are some common online fishing betting tips:

  1. Observe the moving direction of the fish school: The fish school will move from one place to another within a certain period of time. Observing their moving direction can help players predict their next position, thereby improving the hit rate.
  2. Select high-magnification targets: In fishing games, some fish have relatively high magnifications, and you can get more gold rewards by hitting them. Therefore, players should aim at high-magnification targets as much as possible.
  3. Use skill weapons: Different fishing games will have different skill weapons, such as locking, acceleration, rage, etc. These skill weapons can help players hit fish schools or high-magnification targets more easily and increase the probability of winning.
  4. Reasonable distribution of bullets: In the fishing game, each bullet needs to consume a certain amount of gold coins. Players should allocate bullets reasonably according to their own gold coins, so as to avoid spending all the gold coins at once and being unable to continue the game.
  5. Pay attention to gold coin recycling: In fishing games, the fish you hit will drop gold coins. Players should try to recycle these gold coins as much as possible to avoid waste.
  6. Seize opportunities: In fishing games, sometimes there will be some reward opportunities, such as a large number of fish schools, high-magnification targets, etc. Players should seize these opportunities to hit as many fish as possible to get more rewards.

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