online cockfighting

The cockfighting betting game, which is popular worldwide, especially in Asia, can be said to be one of the most historically ancient sports games. The cockfighting process is fast-paced and exciting, and even has online cockfighting platforms such as BA88, which provides online cockfighting live broadcasts for players who love cockfighting to place bets online and is full of passion.

Cockfighting has different rule variations in different countries and regions where cockfighting betting is prevalent. In Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand, they all have their own set of cockfighting rules, but most of them are similar. Today, let’s take a look at the general traditional rules of cockfighting!

The general rules of cockfighting are quite simple, which is to let two cocks fight against each other! Cockfighting has a long history, but the rules of cockfighting have not changed much from ancient times to the present.

The cockfighting match continues until one of the cocks dies. When both cocks are exhausted and almost dying, they will still be sprayed with water to wake them up, so that they can continue to fight harder. That is to say, one cock must peck the other to death to win. In some cases, the losing cock will lie motionless on the ground and let the opponent ravage it before the cockfighting game can end.

If a cock loses a match, it will be considered a lifetime defeat! Therefore, if the investor chooses the wrong cock and loses in the first round, it will be a huge loss. According to the first rule, if the defeated cock does not die on the spot, it will not survive for long. Only a very small number of lucky ones can survive, but they will either be blinded or have their wings broken. It is not just difficult for them to return to the battlefield, but even just hearing the enemy’s call, the defeated cock will be scared away.

In order to adjust the combat status of the cocks, the owners have three chances to call a timeout, called “sanxian” during the process. During the first two timeouts, the owners of the cocks can come forward to comfort their own cocks, give them water or feed them less, let them rest for a while and then return to the arena. When it comes to the third timeout, both owners cannot come forward, and the cocks will adjust themselves before the match enters its climax, and the winner will be determined.

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