Fishing machine gameplay strategy

The fishing machine is also a very popular game in video games. Players use “cannonballs” to attack small fish or big fish during the game. Fish of different sizes or different cannons correspond to different rewards, which is exciting and refreshing.
The same concept and cycle of the fishing machine game and the online slot machine game are to hit the big prize, and the machine will accumulate all the chips until the big prize threshold.
When shooting any fish, the firing path can be as parallel as possible to the fish or on both sides of the fish, and it should be noted that during the game of the fishing machine, small fish use small cannons, and fish schools and big fish use cannons. If the distance is too far, you can give up. Wasting shells, high-level fish will appear over time, and the score will be high at this time.
You must know that in the gameplay of the fishing machine, you must pay attention to the consumption of shells, and you can stop if there is a period of eating. Finally, there is an “energy cannon” in the fishing machine game. You only need to shoot ordinary cannons to accumulate energy, and use the energy cannon to use it on big fish as much as possible.
Pay attention to timing when big fish appear
The fishing machine games in different entertainment cities are not the same, but in the game, there may be big fish or golden turtles next to the cannons. Do not attack, because the shells will be wasted, and the sharks that appear next to the screen will bring some When small fish appear, please attack with full firepower, and you can easily accumulate points at this time.
Send fish in fishing machine
In the game of fishing machine, the rewarding fish is usually near the fort and swims slowly. At this time, adjust the angle of the shell to get a lot of points.
Observe the changes of the fish school of the fishing machine
When a large school of fish appears, the player will subconsciously want to score points. At this time, you must hold back, because the school of fish will swim fast and use a lot of shells. Save your firepower and observe the school of fish.
Fast Fish Tracking
As mentioned above, the fish near the fort will swim faster. At this time, you can use the fishing machine game of tracking shooting.

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